WEEKLY BLOG #4- Focus on you

Hello everyone, brings us back to the weekly blogs again as it’s Sunday. Now coming up to the new working week of lent, Ash Wednesday, Pancake day and Valentines day; for the UK most schools are now off for the February half term.

This week has been very similar to other weeks but it has brought me to the centre of understanding what affects me and comprehending what my soul, body needs from me. Feeding myself with patience and softness when it comes to adjusting and managing anxious feelings.

Summary of the week from the 5th February 2018- 11th February 2018:

  • The very beginning of the week threw me, made me anxious and have to sit down to try and understand what I was feeling. I took myself way out of my comfort zone, maybe too much. I know it’s great to get yourself out there and I am grateful that I did it, but with me and for others it is about baby steps, doing more gradually.
  • I spent some time with my special person, surprising him and spending some time catching up.
  • After certain obstacles this week, I made sure to journal down particular goals or things I need to work on myself. Some habits that I need to slowly but surely manage myself independently and not rely on others to fix it for me.
  • You could say this week has opened me up more as a person. I’ve been more obliging with writing what is on my mind, expressing my thoughts into my journal. I ended up creating books on informing, advising myself on anxiety, which I may eventually share with others who are continuing to work on their mental health. The second is more of a goal one; writing down ways I can gradually work on handling my habits, breaking down the bad ones so I feel more liberated with my life.
  • The last couple of weeks or months I should say have been an eye opener finding out who really cares and who doesn’t. Not depending on anyone but myself. Deciding what I want in life and what I no longer want to take over me.
  • I am enjoying the ‘freeing’ feeling I get from making myself have space from the digital world during the week or at least during part of my day.
  • I am learning more about myself; working more on seeing how I can manage my anxious thoughts, feelings going inside of me, developing more love for who I am and who I am yet to become through the failures, trials, successes and lessons I have learnt, continuing to learn. I am a lot more focused on the becoming rather than stopping now at the person I already am.
  • I’ve begun silencing by no longer pushing myself to figure out the answers to what I enjoy or what to pursue. By doing and learning this way, I have opened doors leading to something I am interested in. Dedicating time and seeing what else I can do to work towards it.
  • Friday I got myself out to the library and explored the never ending choice of books on something I have interest in. I am looking forward to using the knowledge to build on mine, spreading my inspirations further afield.
  • I have learnt if you want to use the creativity you feel inside of you; it’s good to release it and place it all into a book where you can later on reflect and use for other times.
  • Baby steps at a time has been my main focus, goal of the week. Gradually working on different things I have my eye on. Gaining more confidence from seeing what I can achieve within a week, you all can do the same too!
  • As it’s Sunday now, I am just enjoying being more free with what I am thinking, taking care of how I feel with feeding my body with goodness, getting enough rest. Just looking forward to what is soon to happen.
This is one of the photos which I posted in one of my previous posts. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to get much photography during the week, but I am hoping next week to capture more. A photo capturing my love for plants; my plants that captivate my space of my bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed sticking by with me this week with the various thoughts, ideals around what I did, discovered this week.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming week of February and remembering to fill yourself with love on Valentines day whether you believe in it or not.

Treat it like any other day.

Love who you are and what you are becoming.




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