Embrace Your Own Company

Hello everyone, I love just being able to write about what is on my mind and most importantly being able to connect with you all!

I’ve never been the popular person or the one with loads of friends.

I have always been quite shy, introverted and content with fulfilling myself with my creativity, hobbies and family.

You just have to sit down with your thoughts, accepting the current moment as being temporary. I know I will eventually find a way to meet new people, it’s possible for everyone nowadays where internet and social groups allow people to get out, socialising, doing what they enjoy.

I remind myself it’s better to be with friends who are good company than the opposite.

We all can be selfish, but if a friend was really a friend they would do their best to stay in contact and do what they can to show how being friends is special to them.

I like to think some of my friends are the plants in my room. They don’t talk to me or annoy me, they just keep me company. That’s what I am like, being focused and passionate about nature, plants.



Either way, you will make friends throughout life.

Times change, you change, we all do.

Trust in God, accept where you are. Embrace and enjoy the moments you have even if you are alone exploring yourself.



Prayers to you all and keep exploring.



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